Sean Gallagher

"Before I started getting coached by Cillian I was 30kg heavier and was not taking care of myself at all from a diet and training perspective. I came to him with the ambition of running a 10km charity race and wanted to learn about all the basics of running. Cillian was very helpful and gave me simple information that got me over the line comfortably. Fast forward to 4 years later and I have managed to lose all of the weight, I have completed: Dublin marathon three times, an ultra marathon, Ironman Dun Laoghaire 70.3, qualified for the Liffey swim as a novice swimmer and I’m now about to race Ironman Cork this year. Working with Cillian suits me because he works with you as an individual and understands the value of consistency over time. At no point did I ever feel under pressure to do anything I didn’t want to and his approach was very flexible. His experience and expertise as an athlete have been invaluable for me as I entered all of this uncharted territory, he was great for believing in me when I wasn’t sure of myself. My proudest moment was qualifying for the Liffey Swim in 2019, as it was so out of my comfort zone. We made a plan to swim in open water and get 12 qualifying races and in 9 months I was there jumping in to swim the race without concern about finishing. For anyone who is considering working with Cillian I would say give him a call at the very least and find out about where you are at, and what success looks like for you with your goals. For me, it started out as being an overweight guy trying to complete a 10km, and now I feel able for anything with the right preparation. Thank you, Cillian."

Hollie Duff 

"I was introduced to Cillian through my boyfriend and wanted to get coaching for my first marathon. At first, I was quite worried about not being the right person to be coached because of my lack of experience. Over time though, I could really start to see the value in structure and I started to gain confidence and was really starting to look forward to my race day as my times and fitness improved. I like working with Cillian as he doesn’t make me feel bad if I have a busy week or if I don’t hit all of my workouts, we were also able to really effectively work around some of my injuries in the lead up to the marathon. He was very understanding and helped me to not be too hard on myself about my ability. My proudest moment was finishing my first marathon without injury and feeling really strong, another highlight was a PB half marathon that I took part in a few months after as part of Raheny Shamrock’s which is a running club I’ve joined since. I think women should especially talk to Cillian because having that structure has really helped me see my own potential in my running and how I can really perform with the right coaching and self-belief. I’m really happy that I decided to start working with him."

Paddy Guiney

"Cillian was the main reason for me crossing the line for my first Ironman 70.3 in August 2020 My training reached a different level from the structure and guidance Cillian provided. I would highly recommend coaching by Cillian to anyone looking to begin their endurance adventure."